Andie Rosafort

A married Connecticut lunch lady who was charged on Thursday with grooming a 14-year-old boy and then sexually abusing him in her SUV remained silent and contemptuous in response to the alarming allegations.

Andie Rosafort, 31, was spotted outside her New Fairfield home. She was seen getting out of an SUV while toting a Walmart plastic shopping bag topped with a box of Peeps and holding her phone and a pack of Marlboro smokes.

Andie Rosafort declined to comment about the alleged inappropriate relationship with a New Fairfield High School student.

Andie Rosafort, dressed in a green sweater, blue jeans, and white sneakers, merely smiled slightly when questioned about her circumstances.

According to an affidavit acquired by WTNH, the school system filed a report against Rosafort after the victim’s friend’s father informed administrators that the kid had been sexually abused at a party on January 13.

As per the police document, a high school student contended that Rosafort was incessantly conversing with freshmen males on social media and purportedly reached out to the victim on Snapchat and Instagram.

The victim reported to authorities that Andie Rosafort emailed her a photo of herself in her underwear after he reacted to a social media message. In answer to the victim’s concern about whether she sent it accidentally, she sent another picture of herself in her underwear, the affidavit stated.

The teenager said Andie Rosafort sent him photos and videos of herself in her underpants after asking for one of him naked.

Andie Rosafort is charged with second-degree sexual assault, computer solicitation, and endangering minors.

According to the affidavit

Connecticut State Police Andie Rosafort would also go to the victim’s athletic tournaments and email him videos of his plays.

Andie Rosafort picked up the victim from a party at a friend’s house on the evening of January 13, according to police, and the two had “contact of a sexual nature.”

According to the police, they were able to verify that Rosafort and the victim were in the same vicinity during the alleged attack by using photo locations.

The victim’s companion reported that he seemed uneasy upon his return and that they were assisting with Rosafort’s social media blockade.

Police stated that during their investigation, they discovered a picture of the girl in her underwear on the lunch lady’s phone and pornographic material on the teen’s phone belonging to a woman they recognized as Rosafort.

Andie Rosafort surrendered on February 20 after police issued an arrest warrant.

Andie Rosafort faces three counts:

  • Second-degree sexual assault
  • Luring a child into computer-mediated sexual activity
  • Harming minors’ health or morals

She was released on a $100,000 bond and will appear in court on March 23.

Rosafort’s arrest warrant claims that state police investigated her in January after a parent complained about “possible inappropriate behavior” involving a young pupil.

According to the court document, Rosafort was found to have been secretly communicating with a student on social media for months, sending her pornographic photos and videos and even requesting the student submit her own. This information was discovered during the state police inquiry.

According to the warrant

the student informed police that on January 13, when Rosafort wanted to meet, he went to a party at a friend’s house. After picking up the victim, Rosafort allegedly drove a short distance away and “had contact of a sexual nature with them inside of the SUV,” according to the police.

According to the warrant, the victim informed the police that he felt uneasy and returned to the party immediately.

Later, on the victim’s cellphone

investigators discovered graphic films of Rosafort. They also found images and videos on her social media that “matched those described by the victim,” according to the warrant.

Following the start of the investigation

Rosafort resigned from her post, and on February 20, state police arrested her.

Superintendent Kenneth Craw stated that although Rosafort was looked into and given a warning by school administrators in November due to her interactions with younger kids on social media, there was no proof of grave misconduct found throughout the investigation.

According to Craw, the schools got “a vague report of possible inappropriate messages between a minor” and Rosafort, who wrote a letter to the Board of Education. The district opened an investigation and got in touch with the police.

Craw informed the board that Rosafort “explained that she posts makeup videos online.” He said, “No information that substantiated any inappropriate interactions between Ms. Rosafort and a minor was produced by the investigation.”

Principal Karen Gruetzner of New Fairfield Middle School admonished Rosafort to exercise “caution with how you communicate with students using social media, texting, and messaging” in a letter dated December 1.

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An Explanation of The Incident

Andie Rosafort surrendered to the Connecticut State Police on February 20 after an investigation and arrest warrant. She was charged with second-degree sexual assault, computer luring, and endangering a minor. Rosafort and the unknown first-year student exchanged Instagram and Snapchat communications for six months, according to an affidavit News8 obtained.

“The victim told police he received a message from Rosafort saying, ‘You want to see something?'” before she sent him pictures of herself in her underwear, according to the station’s report. Rosafort allegedly sent another image of herself in her underwear after the victim questioned Rosafort if the picture had been sent in error. When a group of students convened on January 14, the alleged victim allegedly said he was going but wanted to come back. One witness reported that he was “behaving oddly” when he returned.

The suspected victim told police

according to the complaint, that Rosafort asked for his address before picking him up in her SUV. The victim also stated that while he and his buddies were inside the SUV, Rosafort drove a short distance away and made sexual contact with them. The victim reportedly felt uneasy in the SUV and left before going back to their friend’s house for the celebration, according to the police.

When her father learned of the assault from a witness, he notified the school administration right away. According to the police statement, when detectives looked through the alleged victim’s cell phone during the investigation, they discovered numerous recordings on a social media platform that included “explicit content and depicting an individual identified by investigators as Rosafort.”

The Suspect Is Who?

The police verified the victim’s account by comparing Rosafort’s social media photographs and videos to hers. Rosafort was released after posting a $100,000 bond. On March 23, she must appear in court. Whether she had a lawyer was unknown.

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