3 Ways To Find Your Instagram Reels History


Nowadays, people routinely share short, creative videos with their friends and followers using Instagram Reels. You might wish to periodically go over the Reels you’ve already seen or broadcast. Despite the fact that finding your Instagram Reels history can be difficult, don’t worry—we can help. In this post, we’ll review the 3 Ways To Find Your Instagram Reels History archive. If you’re a student or just someone who enjoys using Instagram, following these suggestions will make it simple for you to do so.

3 Ways To Find Your Instagram Reels History the “Activity” Tab is used

Choosing the Activity tab will let you quickly find your Instagram Reels history.

What you should carry out is

Launch the Instagram website or app on your computer or mobile device to begin.

Check the login information you use to access Instagram

To access the Activity Tab, click the heart-shaped button in the mobile app’s bottom right corner or the website’s top right corner.

The activities tab is located here

The word “Following” will now be the most prominent feature of your activity, you’ll notice. After clicking it, choose “Reels” from the drop-down option.

Check out Your Reels History to see everything you’ve ever done with Reels, including the ones you’ve enjoyed, remarked on, or shared. Scroll down to get all of the information about your reels.

Making Use of Your Profile

You can browse past Instagram Reels through your bio.

Do the following

Open Instagram and log in as usual either the app or website.

Your profile icon

which is typically your headshot, can be found in the top right corner or bottom right corner of websites and mobile devices.

Look for a three-straight line-like menu symbol. Try it out.

Go to the bottom of the screen and click “Settings.”

Tap or click “Account.”

Your favorite books of all time click on “Posts You’ve Liked.”3 Ways To Find Your Instagram Reels History may be found here, along with a list of the people you’ve interacted with and liked.

Utilizing the Search Bar

The search bar can be used to locate a specific Reel.

The subsequent

Launch Instagram and log in using your credentials

On mobile devices, the search bar is found at the top of the screen. On websites, it is located in the upper right corner.

Complete the form

Enter relevant search terms related to the reel you’re looking for. The username, the description, and any relevant hashtags are all acceptable inclusions.

To find the reel you’re looking for, browse the list. Browse the names on the list. When you find it, tap on it to see it.

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The Most Popular Queries

Can I find the reels I previously made?

Yes, you can find Reels that you’ve already built by following the aforementioned procedures. Go to the “Activity” tab or the “Posts You’ve Liked” section of your page to see what you’ve been up to on Reels.

Second, how far back in time does My Reels go?

Instagram’s past and Reels’ past are frequently comparable. As you use Instagram and Reels more, your past will become more extensive.

Can Reels’ past be changed or forgotten?

As far as I’m aware, there won’t be an easy way to delete the history of your account after Instagram Reels is discontinued in September 2021. On Instagram, you can change how your likes and interactions show up by clicking the settings tab. To see if this feature has undergone any changes, check the most recent Instagram settings.


Review your Reels if you use Instagram frequently. If you wish to revisit your earlier creative notions or browse the Reels you’ve loved, you may quickly recover your previous Reels via one of these 3 Ways To Find Your Instagram Reels History options. Keep an eye out for any upgrades as Instagram may change its functionality in the future. Have fun exploring!

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