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Dive into a list of thrilling strategy games like Age of War. Discover new battles, eras, and adventures in these top-rated games.


Age of War is a renowned strategy game that captivates players with its unique historical progression and tactical combat blend. Game fans often seek similar experiences with the same thrill and strategic depth. This article explores games like Age of War, diving into their worlds, mechanics, and what makes them stand out.

Age of War 2:

Directly following its predecessor, Age of War 2 enhances the strategic experience with various units and ages to explore. Players train armies, defend their castles, and conquer enemies across different eras. With more than twenty-nine unit types, including Anubis Warrior and Knights, the game allows for diverse battle strategies and intense warfare. The goal is to withstand enemy onslaughts and assert dominance through strategic prowess and mighty armies.

Alien Hallway:

Alien Hallway offers a unique blend of shooting and strategy, where players face endless waves of alien creatures. Set in a breathtaking world, the game challenges players to measure their stamina against green creatures within a series of military missions. With simple mouse-driven controls, players navigate a 3D world, utilizing advanced weapons, grenades, and airstrike skills to obliterate foes and protect their troops.

League of War: Mercenaries:

People who play this game are thrown into an exciting 3D world where they must build a base, recruit an army, and fight other players or AI-controlled troops to stay alive. With a combat system based on cards and tactical and turn-based strategy features, players must make choices with significant effects and results. The game’s immersive world and RTS combat provide a platform for strategic warfare and base building.

Cartoon Wars:

People who play Cartoon Wars live in a world with two tribes: the Black and the White. They are fighting an evil force for freedom. Players must train their troops with classic weapons, give them the right gear, and carefully place them in battle to win. It’s a unique and fun game that mixes side-scrolling action with real-time strategy. It has over twenty different types of units and sixteen various upgrades.

Outpost 2: Divided Destiny:

In this game, players must stay alive in a complex world after something terrible happens on Earth. It mixes RTS gameplay, a story told through task briefings, and a novella. Players must find materials, lead their crew, and create a new future for everyone. The top-down view lets players plan how to use their resources and make essential choices that will affect the life of their colony.

Warlords Battlecry III:

Warlords Battlecry III is the third game in the series. It is an RTS with RPG features and a vast world with many factions and hero classes. In strategic fights, players take control of heroes and their armies to take over new lands. The game has more than sixteen races and twenty-eight different types of heroes, so it’s a very varied and complete fighting experience.

Social Wars Game:

The Social Wars game takes place in a fantasy world that aliens have taken over. You must build troops and lead them in strategic battles to save the world. The player makes an army of soldiers and mechs, gives them powerful weapons, and then teaches them to battle to beat the alien group. The game uses an isometric view, providing a comprehensive view of the action and planning your strategy.

Cartoon Wars Blade:

This game focuses on combat and exploration ten years after the original Cartoon War. Players face new territories, challenges, and enemies using various weapons and strategies. The side-scroll view allows for intense, action-packed levels where players use new weapons and helmets to fend off evil factions and save their world.

March of Empires:

As a ruler in March of Empires, players build empires, gather resources, and lead armies in battles to expand their territory. The game offers interaction with other players, forming alliances or rivalries. It’s an action-adventure strategy game with MMO and fantasy elements, providing a rich and interactive world where players fight for dominance.

Cartoon Wars: Gunner:

In this side-scrolling action game, players compete against rival factions under the King and Captain J. Players must navigate through various levels, each offering unique challenges and weapon types. Players can strategize and fight to protect their kingdom from the king’s tyranny with eleven weapons and upgradable skills.

Comparative Analysis of Games Like Age of War

Game  GenreUnique FeaturesPlatforms
Age of War 2StrategyMultiple Ages, Unit TypesAndroid, iOS
Alien HallwayAction, StrategyEndless Alien WavesWindows
League of War: MercenariesStrategyDeck-Based Combat, 3D BattlesiOS, Android  


Each game on this list offers a unique take on strategy and warfare, echoing the immersive experience of the Age of War. Whether you’re defending castles, leading armies through alien hallways, or building an empire, these games promise hours of strategic gameplay. Dive into these worlds and command your way to victory!

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