Lyft account

Have you concluded that your Lyft account should be deleted?

This article will demonstrate three simple ways to delete a Lyft account.

In addition, we will describe the consequences of deleting a Lyft account and specify whether the deletion is permanent.

We will conclude by describing the steps required to cancel a Lyft membership.

Justify Your Lyft Account Delete.

  • There are numerous justifications for desiring to delete your Lyft account.
  • You need to utilize Lyft to the extent that you had anticipated.
  • You registered for a restricted duration, and that period has expired.
  • You are relocating to a different city and wish to avoid bringing your account.
  • You’ve discovered an alternative ride service that you prefer.
  • You are deactivating the account of a deceased family member.

Methods for desubscribing to Lyft emails

You would think that Lyft would realize you no longer wanted to receive their emails once you terminated your subscription and deleted your account, but that does not work. Lyft will do anything to entice you to return, which includes sending you weekly emails containing money-off ride offers. To discontinue receiving Lyft communications, please follow the steps below:

To delete your account, proceed as described previously. However, after selecting Contact Support on the Lyft Help Page, navigate to Profile and Account Settings > Delete Account or Unsubscribe > Unsubscribe from Emails. Explain why you wish to be removed from the email list, and then click the Submit button.

Superior applications to Lyft for transportation

While deleting your Lyft account, consider utilizing an alternative ridesharing application to continue traveling cost-effectively and securely. These are a few of the most optimal alternatives available to you.

Uber: Lyft’s most widely utilized competitor, operates in the majority of countries and regions across the globe.

Mytaxi: Formerly referred to as Hailo, mytaxi provides rides in cabs accessible to all and offers system-wide traffic and construction updates to reduce travel times.

Juno: Formerly Gett, which has since been merged with Juno, employs drivers who are fully licensed and trained, and their rates are always flat, so you will never be charged extra for inclement weather or peak hours.

Deactivating Your Lyft Account

Once deactivated, your Lyft account cannot be reinstated; therefore, ensure you intend to delete it before continuing.

  1. In the Lyft app, tap the menu icon in the upper-left corner.
  2. Go to Help.
  3. Tap Account and Profile.
  4. Select the Delete My Account option.
  5. To delete an account, select Go.
  6. Tap Next after entering the phone number associated with your Lyft account.
  7. To initiate the deletion process, select Start.
  8. Indicate to Lyft the reason for your departure, or select Next.
  9. To verify, enter DELETE in the text field and tap Delete account.

It may take up to 45 days for Lyft to verify the deletion of your account. Lyft will update you on your account status via email at if you still await confirmation.


Does the platform support dual Lyft accounts?

No, Lyft restricts user accounts to a single contact.

Their terms of service prohibit multiple account creation and may lead to account deactivation.

What is the deletion time for a Lyft account?

Deleting your Lyft account takes time to occur.

According to Lyft’s account deletion help page, erasing all user data from their system could take up to 45 days.

You cannot use the account or access any associated data during this period.

Lyft will notify you in writing if the deletion of your account during this period encounters any obstacles.


If you are prepared to terminate your Lyft account immediately, implement one of the procedures above.

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