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Can Star Wars Battlefront 2, the definitive multiplayer shooter set in the science fiction universe of George Lucas, be played with friends on other platforms? The following is comprehensive information regarding Star Wars Battlefront 2 crossplay on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

It is safe to say that Star Wars Battlefront 2’s 2017 release was shaky. The game’s heavy dependence on micro-transactions and pay-to-win mechanisms infuriated the community to the point where EA was compelled to retract these elements entirely.

Through incorporating ships, characters, and environments from all nine mainline films and their spin-offs, Battlefront 2 has become the best Star Wars multiplayer shooter.

Players may wonder if Star Wars Battlefront supports PC, PlayStation, and Xbox cross-platform play. You are covered down below.

Comprehending The Principle Of Crossplay

Before learning about Battlefront 2, you must understand crossplay. Players from PC, Xbox, and PlayStation can play the same multiplayer game via crossplay.

Popular games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone have added crossplay in recent years.

Why is crossplay in Star Wars Battlefront 2 impossible?

Battlefront 2 does not support crossplay, which may need to be explained in light of EA’s general propensity to implement it in other games. Although the precise motives are unknown, widespread speculation holds that the complexity of implementing crossplay for a previously released game is a substantial factor.

Remember that the release of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 occurred in 2017 when crossplay was less widespread and in high demand than it is currently. To implement this feature now, EA would have to make substantial codebase modifications, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Does Star Wars Battlefront 2: support crossplay?

PlayStation, Xbox, and PC are not supported for cross-platform play in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. This is regrettable information for acquaintances across various platforms who cannot participate in your conflict against the Empire.

This may only affect some players, as Battlefront 2 is the ideal gameplay and would benefit considerably from adding this feature. Apex Legends and FIFA 23 are two additional EA titles that support cross-platform play.

Does Battlefront 2: Star Wars support cross-progression?

Sadly, Star Wars Battlefront 2 lacks cross-progression; therefore, if you switch between platforms while playing the game, no changes will be made to your progress. Your accomplishments will be exclusive to the platform on which you play.

Crossplay could potentially be added to Star Wars Battlefront 2 by EA in the future, especially considering leaked reports indicating that a third Battlefront installment may not materialize. Thus, the developers may prioritize incorporating crossplay functionality.

Nevertheless, given the game’s age of more than five years, it is improbable that a significant update of this magnitude would be released at this juncture. We will notify you when the developers declare their intentions to include crossplay in Battlefront 2.

That concludes all the information you require regarding Star Wars Battlefront 2 crossplay.


Can my friends who own Battlefront 2 on a different platform join me in a multiplayer experience?

Battlefront 2 does not, in its official capacity, permit cross-platform gameplay.

Are Crossplay Implementations In The Works For Battlefront 2?

At this time, Battlefront 2 has no official announcements or plans regarding crossplay support.

Which Star Wars game by EA is crossplay compatible?

EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons is a cross-platform video game compatible with PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

What is the number of players engaged in Star Wars: Battlefront 2?

Despite fluctuations in player counts, an active player base persists, comprising thousands of individuals situated online.

Is It Possible To Collaborate On Battlefront 2 On An Alternative Platform?

Although unofficial workarounds are available, they are not endorsed as official solutions for crossplay.

In the future, will EA add crossplay support to Battlefront 2?

Battlefront 2 does not currently have any official information regarding future crossplay support. The situation is still uncertain.

Battlefront 2: Can It Be Enjoyed Without Crossplay?

Undoubtedly so! Battlefront 2 presents players with various captivating modes, stunning visuals, and immersive gameplay.

Where Can I Find Star Wars Games to Play Using Crossplay?

Star Wars: Squadrons is the game to play if you desire a cross-platform Star Wars experience.

Exist Any Community-Driven Initiatives Regarding Crossplay in Battlefront 2?

While certain players have discovered alternative methods to collaborate on particular platforms, these methods need to be more official and assured.

Is Crossplay Anticipated In Upcoming Star Wars Video Games?

As cross-platform support gains traction, forthcoming Star Wars video games could incorporate it.

To conclude

Does Battlefront 2 support crossplay? The answer at this time is no. Battlefront 2 continues to be a fan favorite among Star Wars enthusiasts due to its stunning visuals and diverse gameplay modes, which transport players into the epic universe of Star Wars.

Although the absence of crossplay is disheartening, the game retains numerous elements contributing to its enjoyment and merit as a purchase. We hope that in the future, EA will consider adding crossplay to this incredible game in response to player feedback.

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